Unleash Heart and Soul Care Sheets

Are you looking for breakthrough in your life spiritually and/or emotionally?

Do you want to grow in your relationship with God and learn to hear from Him?

Are you facing a tough decision and you don't know what to do?

Do you want healing for your heart in areas that are wounded and struggling?


Welcome to Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets!

Unleash is an effective tool for facilitating spiritual growth, emotional healing, and life transformation.

Unleash is designed to guide individuals through heart and soul care so they can experience more of God. It is also a versatile tool for spiritual growth and emotional health.

While it is simple and short, the impact of using Unleash can be incredibly powerful. The work happens between you and God as He is the source of real change.

Unleash Sheets provide a way to experience it.

Your purchase of Unleash will provide you with the core tool and basic instructions. You will be able to print multiple copies of the worksheets and other pages as often as needed for personal use.

If you're willing to let God work in you, you'll soon be on your way to living with greater peace, joy, and freedom. 


In this course you'll receive the core tool, Unleash: Heart & Soul Care Sheets, as well as additional content to help you make the most of your Unleash journey.

You will receive:

* a welcome letter

* Freedom Choices Manifesto

* worksheet instructions and usage tips

* two pages of Feeling Words, Vocabulary for the Soul

* three worksheet layouts, choose your favorite or change it up

* video and audio support to help you navigate how to use the sheets

* tips for customizing Unleash for your purposes

* license to print as many worksheets as needed for personal use only (may not be printed for others)


As you delve into Unleash, you may:

* Grow closer to God and experience His presence in new ways.

* Learn to hear from God and apply His word to your unique situations.

* Receive comfort and guidance to make changes that last.

 * Identify obstacles to spiritual growth and emotional health such as:

Underlying Hurts: God can reveal what needs to be healed. This is not about finding every area of hurt, but about letting God do the work He wants to do in you. 

Unexpressed Emotions: Sometimes we have grief that hasn't fully processed. Or hurt that wasn't felt. We need to feel the hard feelings so we can heal from them. Let God lead you to what those might be.

Unhealthy Beliefs: We all have taken in lies and distortions of God's truth in some way. We may say we believe one thing, but our unhealthy beliefs keep us from experieincing more of God's goodness.



The crux of the Unleash content is the PDF downloads as well as video, audio, and text help. It is in a course format but is not an actual course. 

Each component of Unleash is listed as a separate module. You are free to select any module you need at any time. There is nothing to complete. Use what is helpful for you.

Below, you'll find several free components to introduce you to Unleash Sheets.


Jolene Underwood

Jolene Underwood is a writer, coach, and emotional health warrior. She writes from a place of compassion for wounded Christians, encouraging and equipping them in a life of spiritual growth and emotional health. She draws upon her personal experiences, her psychology background, and a passion for Christian counseling to help others cultivate a life well-lived no matter the circumstance.

Jolene writes regularly at JoleneUnderwood.com. She also leads a community of writers called Rise Up Writers. Her tool, Unleash : Heart and Soul Care Sheets, has helped hundreds experience greater freedom. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her enjoying the journey by laughing with loved ones or adding to her collection of vintage glassware with a 70s flair.
Connect with her online via YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest at @theJoleneU or via the Cultivated Life Newsletter.

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