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Unleash Heart and Soul Care Sheets
About Unleash Care Sheets
What Are Unleash Sheets
Why Use Unleash Sheets
Who is Unleash For
How Unleash Came About - AUDIO
What are Unleash Sheets - VIDEO

Core Training
Unleash Basic Instructions - VIDEO
Unleash Basic Instructions - AUDIO
Using the Graphic Worksheets - VIDEO

Core Tool
Unleash Heart and Soul Care Sheets

Extra Worksheets
Feeling Words List - Vocabulary for the Soul
Original Worksheet
Graphic Worksheet 1
Graphic Worksheet 2

What Are Unleash Sheets

Unleash is an effective tool for facilitating spiritual growth, emotional healing, and experiencing life transformation.

It is designed to guide individuals through heart and soul care so they can experience more of God.

While it is simple and short, the impact of using Unleash can be incredibly powerful. The work happens between you and God as He is the source of real change. This tool merely provides a way to experience it.

Unleash Care Sheets is the core tool and includes:

~ Core tool and worksheets in multiple PDF printout options

* 23 page print option for color, or black and white, with duplex printers

* 18 page print option for printers without duplexing in color or black and white. 

* Individual PDF downloads for each worksheet and the Feeling Words Vocabulary (which are also included in the full download)

~ Audio & Video Tips for printing and Storing Unleash

~ Audio & Video Basic Instructions for using Unleash

~ Single User License for personal use only

~ Permission to print as many copies of the worksheets as needed, for personal use. (Please do not print and distribute with others.) 

Unleash is Simple. Short. Effective.

Are you ready?

There is hope no matter what you are facing right now. Whether it’s the blahs or the brutal, Unleash is a powerful way of connecting with lover of our souls in a way which enriches and equips us to live well. You don’t need to keep surviving the day. Begin thriving.


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