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Unleash Heart and Soul Care Sheets
About Unleash Care Sheets
What Are Unleash Sheets
Why Use Unleash Sheets
Who is Unleash For
How Unleash Came About - AUDIO
What are Unleash Sheets - VIDEO

Core Training
Unleash Basic Instructions - VIDEO
Unleash Basic Instructions - AUDIO
Using the Graphic Worksheets - VIDEO

Core Tool
Unleash Heart and Soul Care Sheets

Extra Worksheets
Feeling Words List - Vocabulary for the Soul
Original Worksheet
Graphic Worksheet 1
Graphic Worksheet 2

Who is Unleash For

  • Anyone who desires to see their faith grow

  • Anyone who is facing a challenge, trial or hard decision

  • Anyone who has been through pain, loss, trauma, or deals with emotions such as fear, anger, bitterness, or anxiety

  • Anyone who desires to experience greater peace, joy, and freedom as a follower of Christ

  • Anyone working with a life coach, counselor, or mentor

  • Anyone who desires to live unleashed from things keeping them from living well

  • Anyone willing to be transformed from the inside out through the work of the Holy Spirit